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Project Description

The aim is to enrich the CiberRato simulation environment in order to be effective and appellative. The desired remote interaction is developed in two levels: support for remote participation in CiberRato contests and creating a continuous competition environment.

The first goal it is intended that the remote participation of teams in CiberRato competition is possible by providing appropriate means for submission of agents and the real-time monitoring of the simulations.
The second objective is intended to create a continuous competitive environment in which the participants can submit code to be executed periodically. The participant is informed of the score achieved and the best will be on a merit table (hall of fame).

Achieving these objectives requires the definition and implementation of a Web environment, with work at the server level, the customer level and depending on the progress of work at the level of the simulator.


Artur Pereira António Rafael Ferreira Bernardo Ferreira
Team Leader
Bruno Silva Diogo Silva Pedro Gabriel Vieira Rodrigo Cunha


  1. Deploy page:
  2. Trello:
  3. Documents
    1. Log book
    2. Deliverables
      1. Code documentation
      2. User Manual
      3. Deployment Guide
      4. Inception Report and Scenarios - This is the final version of the Milestone 3
  1. Presentations and Videos
    1. Presentation - Non-experts
    2. Video - Mockup Milestone 1
    3. Presentation - Milestone 2
    4. Final product - Promotional Video
  1. Repository Milestones
    We have created this section to allow you to see what has been done up to a certain milestone.
    Remember that you will not be at our latest source code in any those links.
    If you pretend to see our latest code, it is available at branch 'master'
    1. Initial Mockup (Needs to be inside UA or connected with VPN)
    2. First product release
    3. Product - Our final product is available on branch 'master' with the proper guide to install on documentation list.
  2. Support section -