The begging

Motivational speech and some notes
Added by Filipe Miguel Esturrenho Barradas over 10 years ago

The members of this project have shown interest towards working with FPGA related material in a non-compulsury way. It was agreed that the development of component drivers would be a fun and useful project to do this, as such, this project was today inserted in the website marking it's beggining. I hope everyone enjoys the development.

That being said, let's get to work people!
Let's do some drivers!
Let's kick some VHDL ***!
If, we have the time!

Some notes,
SVN repositories have been created - please avoid uploading the entire synthesized project.
WiFi PMod subproject has been added.
The official development language is English.
As per member request Arnaldo Oliveira has been added to the project.

Good day,
Have fun!