PAM module for implementing Linux local authentication using the Portuguese Citizen's Card

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Follow this steps to compile this PAM module in a Linux system:

1 - Install the CC software package from the official distribution site.
2 - Install all the packages referred in the CC's installation information.
3 - Test if the tools already included in the package work with your CC (pteidgui, etc.).
4 - Install some packages required by this tool:
* libopencryptoki-dev
5 - Run the make command. It will create a PAM module (pam_PTEIDCC) and an auxiliary tool (addCCuser).
This last one should be used to register new users that are to be authenticated using their CC and tne PAM module.
6 - Run tne "make install" command as super-user. It will install the PAM module in the expected directory.
It will also create, if absent, a directory (/etc/CC) for storing the users' public keys.


Manager: André Zúquete