Basic Usage

  1. How can I have an avatar in CodeUA?
    • Avatars are fetched from . Add a custom picture by registering it to your Utilizador Unico (UU) email account.
  1. I want to add as a member to my project but he/she isn't listed. What should I do?
    • Ask that person to login for the first time. Then he/she should be visible.


  1. How can i create a new project?
  1. Am i free to create a new project for any purpose?
    • You are free to create a project for any purpose such as to manage your tasks, or to distribute code. You cannot create projects, or upload content, which violate the Portuguese Law, or the rules governing public educational institutions (no offensive content, no publicity to comercial services, etc..). The system is monitored and offenders will be dealt with according to the law.


  1. What type of repositories can be created?
    • Currently we support SVN, GIT and Filesystem. SVN is accessed using DAV SVN, GIT is accessed using Smart HTTP and the Filesystem repositories are accessed using WEBDAV over HTTPS (davs). Repositories of type Filesystem do not provide any versioning support.
  1. What versioning software can be used to access a repository?
    • Repositories using SVN or GIT can be accessed remotely using SVN, GIT-SVN or GIT. For SVN this includes most clients supporting SVN through webdav (e.g. Tortoise SVN or Eclipse). GIT access requires git version 1.6.6 or higher due to compatibility with the UU authentication method and Smart HTTP. Also, due to differences between the git binary available in the different distributions, the use of a .netrc file may be required. Filesystem repositories provide no versioning and can be accessed through any Webdav client. This includes Cadaver, Nautilus, Finder in OSX, Bitkinex and to some extent Windows WebClient.
  1. GIT doesn't prompt for a login and password
    • You will have to use a .netrc file (man netrc) with your login and password.
  1. I created a project but the repository was not created. Is there a problem?
    • Probably there is no problem. Please notice that for projects to have a repository, the project manager must enable the respective module as it is not enabled by default. Also, the project manager should select the desired format (SVN, GIT, Filesystem). Only after the repository format is selected the repository is actually created.
  1. How can i access the repository of a public project?
    • It is possible to access the repository of a public project using no username and no password. Guest Access is always read only.


  1. What information do you collect?
    • For every transaction we collect the IP address, browser and operating system version (if provided by the browser), date and time the page is accessed, parameters sent in the HTTP request, login (UU) and full individual name. This information is gathered by internal software components and some by Google Analytics. It is kept only for statistical processing by other tools in order to help maintain the system, for security monitoring, and to provide a better service.
      If an abuse is detected, this information may be provided to law enforcement, or other entity mandated by University of Aveiro.
      No information will be ever provided to any other partner.