1. Project Description

  • In order to ease the lives of the city population comes the necessity of new technologies, ideas and innovations. It is based on this concept that our project emerges.
  • This project consists on making the bus trips easier and much simpler. That is possible by entering or exiting a bus with a device such as a smartphone, or a card (by the NFC technology), and being able to buy trips by a Web-based solution or at any bus stop, whatever choice is preferable.
  • The bus driver has a dashboard, where he can confirm the validity of every passenger’s entry, if a passenger doesn’t have a valid electronic ticket, or doesn’t have electronic tickets at all, the bus driver will be notified. It will be also in this dashboard that the bus driver will have an option to start/stop the trip, which will be the action that starts/stops the whole system.
  • Additionally, to give some control over all the bus fleet there will be a dedicated dashboard made for that purpose, used by a business manager.
2. Reports / Deliverables 3. Presentations 4. Useful Links 5. Support Section 6. Source Code Links

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