This project consist on a functional Multi-protocol RFID Reader, based on an all-digital transceiver implemented on FPGA and minimal RF frontend. The proposed radio system is a flexible RFID reader, which is able to operate at High Frequencies (13.56 MHz) and Ultra High Frequencies (860-960 MHz) implemented by taking advantage of the high-speed serializers/deserializers available on the FPGA. This frequency agility is possible because the data-path between baseband signal to RF signal (vice-versa) is in the digital domain (all-digital concept). One can say that the multi-standard and multi-band RFID characteristic of this project enables the connections in distinct scenarios (near-field or far-field RFID communications) without changes in the RF frontend. This feature is of high importance for the so called IoT scenarios, whereas it is possible to implement a centralized RFID reader to manage the distinct RFID multi-bands.