MicroRato usando Android e Raspberry Pi


PiDroidMice is a Microrato remote control platform using a Android device and a Raspberry Pi as a bridge to make the connection between both possible. The bidireccional comunication allows the Android not only to give instructions, as powering motores and turning on and off, as it receives in real-time the Microrato's sensors values, keeping it from from hitting obstacles in his sightline, using artificial inteligence.
This way, the Microrato is potencialized, using RPI and Android's processing, memory and hard drive capacities, allowing the use of more complex algorithms.



Name NMEC Email
Diogo Filipe Candeias Ferreira 68454
Fábio José Duarte Rodrigues 64754
João Miguel Custódio Do Nascimento 59486
José Miguel Saramago De Carvalho 68246
Rafael Gonçalves Esteves 59983

PiDroidMice_small.png View (29 KB) Fábio José Duarte Rodrigues, 06/10/2015 11:41 PM