::. Description:

trueCAS aims to be a framework where visual processing and control code for a ConduçãoAutonoma agent can be developed, testing it in the build-in simulation or use directly in a real robot.

You are welcome to join the project, both for help developing the simulator, developing your own agent or help us develop our own agent AgentR2K10_A to attend the CA contest at FNR!

There is a list of actual AUTHORS, contributions and special thanks.

::. Fluxogram:


::. Fluxogram Description:

In green color there is the Agent code - It uses data from a input structure (gray color), process it and output actuation data(gray color). Then this actuation output can follow to a real hardware agent or be processed in the simulation framework. The simulator process the actuation data from the agent and create a simulated webcam image that will be passed again to the Agent by input structure.

The trueCAS framework let you chose in the beginning the mode: real mode or simulation mode and the agent to run the session:


::. Framework development details:

.LIBs: openCV, GTK, openGL, bxExporter
.IDEs: code::blokes(Linux), MSVS

::. AgentR2K10_A:

There is an agent AgentR2K10_A for this environment being developed. You can use it for create a real Agent hardware, help to develop this one or just use as a code base to create a new one.

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